Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wilder Mann - Charles Freger

   Wilder Mann - Charles Freger, Dewi Lewis publishing, 2012 Hardcover 

"Charles Fréger visited eighteen European countries in search for the mythological figure named Wild Man. The transformation from man to beast or wild man is a key aspect of pagan rituals that celebrate the seasonal cycle, fertility, life and death. Every year throughout Europe from Scotland to Italy and everywhere between people adorn the skin of the 'savage' in masquerades that date back centuries. The appearance of the Wild Man varies from a boar, goat, bear, devil, monster and man of straw. As the terrain changes so do the costumes accordingly. The startling convincing costumes are made from animal skins, plants, bones, bells and horns. Despite being a tradition centuries old it was previously largely undocumented. Compiled within this book are one hundred and sixty four portraits that reveal an extraordinary celebration of ancient tradition."  - from the LN-CC website

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