Friday, October 5, 2012

Jet Korine

Jet Korine alpaca wool Life Coat #3

Jet Korine Life Coat #4

Additional lambskin collar - detachable from coat.

Base Dress

Wool Knee Socks

Africa Scarves

Winter is coming with its cold and darkness but its also the season when we get to put on our lovely warm coats. Layers upon layers of lovely woolen items just to keep our body warm and away from the freezing bite of the cold. Even though the cold and the darkness don´t really sound appealing, I find winter beautiful in its own way with its unique raw magic.

I have been admiring Jet Korine designs for a while now and I just have to appraise their uniqueness. What I find appealing is that it is bit wild and raw very natural and beautiful.
Make sure you check them out.

You can check out Jet Korine facebook page HERE and website HERE


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