Friday, May 18, 2012


pic one 

pic two
Two dresses, same as in pic one just one closed and one open, love it!

pic three

Before I left Iceland to go back to London, I took a stroll down Laugarvegur to see beautiful Icelandic fashion design. One of the stores I went into was Spakmannsspjarir and I absolutely fell in love with quite a few beautiful pieces of their design. I tried on two outfits based on the black dress that can be worn open and closed as seen on pic one and two, its on my must buy list. 
Unfortunately I just had my cellphone with me hence the crappy picture and I just took photo of one of the looks but I really like this look, it is fancy everyday look.

Second favorite item was the fur hood, beautiful and useful, seen on pic two and Im wearing it on my outfit photo. The net shirt puts a fun twist on the look. 
Today was the first day I really took a proper time to have a look, try on and test on Spakmannsspjarir´s design and I am really impressed.
What I really admire about Spakmannsspjarir´s design is that every item can go together, the versatility and elegant feel, one piece can be used in many different way, dressed up and down, depends on how you pair it with other items.

You can see their facebook page HERE for further information


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