Friday, April 29, 2011

Blue Lagoon

I have been few testing Blue Lagoon products if they really do work and I have to say I amazed how well they do work. I have oily skin with dry spots here and there, common problem, and now and then I have break outs, which is such a drag.

 But I bought Balancing oil-free emulsion in a pack with mini versions of  Mineral foaming cleanser and Silica mud mask. Just amazing how good my skin has been and how smooth and soft it is.

 Im looking forward to test other products. 

But I have to say for me as a student these products are bit expensive but I think its worth it than buying products that dont work and you have to throw away.

You can check the products out and buy them HERE



Ása Ottesen said...

Ég var einmitt í lóninu um daginn og vá hvað húðin á mér fín eftir alla hreinu leðjuna! Æði

Gerdur said...

Já þetta er meiri snilld heldur en maður getur ímyndað sér, gott að dekra við sig með vörum frá Bláa Lóninu :)

Ása Ottesen said...

Já ekki spurning!